About Unashamedly Her

Unashamedly Her is a movement focused on women from all walks of life. We live in a time where as much as the female voice is heard, women still face a lot of inequality. We are here to listen to the bold voices; inspire women and speak to issues that are relevant and those that are often shied away from.

Unashamedly Her is here to change societies’ perspective of what defines a woman. Why be ashamed to be who you are?  This movement celebrates YOU as you are, and is not ashamed to associate with you, just as you are, with the hope that you will continue to be the best version of yourself, unashamedly so!

About The Founder


Raised to be whoever she wanted to be, Temogo Zondi grew up not gender conscious. Over the years however, her interaction with different women made her realise how society has boxed women. That we, as women, unintentionally limit ourselves because we do not want people to perceive us as strong, bold, lonely and angry. Over the years, the stereotype associated with women is that, women are child bearers; they must live up to their husband’s surname, be care-givers and so forth, which has led many women to give up on their dreams.


“I have always been passionate about relationships, the most significant one being the one I have with self. Seven years ago that led me to start blogging about the different challenges and experiences that I have as a woman. With every new post and engagement, the vision to start a movement became clearer. A movement where women will be themselves; be embraced; connect with other women; groom and develop others and share their life experiences without the fear of being judged.”

With skills in Media & Communications, Temogo resides in Durban with her family. You can connect with her on the socials @TemogoAnnahZondi on all major platforms.