Self awareness

“Self awareness is the rarest trait in humans”

I have gone through different seasons in life. Going through my first pregnancy season, I was determined to take it all in. Planned pregnancy as it was, I went off the pill on my 4th anniversary, hoping to fall pregnant end of March and give birth in December. 2019 was the year I was looking forward to holding my baby.

I remember how disappointed I was when I wasn’t pregnant by the first month, but I was still hopeful that it will happen soon so that everything falls into the plans I have for motherhood. 

By end of April, I was praying a prayer of surrender to God and allowing Him to take over because it was clear that #baby2019 had fallen off the radar. 

The months to follow I was indeed resting in God. However, I was feeling tired than usual and alluded to change of season. Days and weeks past and I still weren’t feeling myself but still soldiered on as every pregnancy test I took came out negative. 

When I eventually went to the GP and took a pregnancy test which came out positive, I was excited that I was pregnant but even more affirmed and proud that I know my body. I could tell something was happening and it was more than just fatigue.

Most times you hear people say “listen to your body” or when you go to the Dr’s office, you are asked “when did you start feeling this way” and often times, it is when many of us are not even aware of when we started feeling some type of way. 

Self-Awareness: conscious knowledge of one’s own character and feelings. 

Are you aware of who you are? Being self-aware gives you the ability to know who you are, know your preferences, triggers and know where your mental, emotional, and physical state is. When you are aware of thyself, you eliminate people dictating what works for you. 

2 ways to help you get in touch with yourself as you evolve:

  1. Check in with yourself: This can be done by having self-care days where you spend time with yourself. You need to learn to be alone, to be able to sit in a quiet room and hear yourself think. The sound of your own breath and the quietness of a room space should not scare you. Take the time to read, meditate and analyse your body.


  1. Reflect: Reflecting helps you take time to look at your habits and allow you to observe how you are sowing into your future. This lets you not to play the victim and be responsible of what you sow. 


Being self-aware permits you to be confident in decision making. Doubt hardly plays a role as you know what you like; what you can tolerate; what doesn’t cut it for you and what you are willing to go an extra mile for. So, do take the time to know yourself. 

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