The essence of festive is giving

It’s festive season!!! And the last thing one needs to read is a long post! So I am going to keep it short. There’s something exciting about December. For many Christians, we remember the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ. It is for this very reason we celebrate.

December is my time to pause and reflect on the year I have had. Go back to my year goals and see how far I have come with them. It is a time for me to pray for my plans for the next year. 2015 has been a great year for me. I have seen God’s faithfulness and His provision in a remarkable way. I thank God that I am still saved. I have seen children of God drift away from Him without even noticing, therefore I thank Him for my salvation. I thank God for my marriage. Looking back to the failed relationships and the silent times where I wondered, if I have a desire to do life with someone, why is it that nothing is happening, but God knew better. B gave me a scare last month when he had a seizure one early morning. From that day, realising how one can lose their life in a blink of an eye gave me more reason to never take life for granted. I am so grateful for my B.

I am forever grateful for my family. They were so supportive when I needed them the most and continue to be. I am glad God chose this family for me, I wouldn’t ask for any other. There’s a lot I am grateful to God for as I reflect on the year 2015. It has been a good year.

But as many of us celebrate during festive, I can’t help to think of those who are depressed during this time because they have nothing to be grateful for. They are still where they are and feel they have not achieved anything. They look at their friends’ social media pages and judge where they are by where their friends are. Some feel very lonely during this time. Mostly elders feel this way. No one is there to spend Christmas with them. Others are mourning because they lost their loved ones and still wonder how they will do life without that person in their lives. Anxiety is stealing the joy of others as they don’t have money to do Christmas food shopping. People lost their jobs; businesses got liquidated; hearts got broken and, others received bad news that changed their lives. People go through a lot and it is when one has gone through something that you are able to reach out to others who had a not so good year.

The bible says to us a Son will be given. This time of the year is known as the time to give because we remember the Son who is given to us. Giving is not only in a form of money. You can give old clothes; spend Christmas at prison or with that elderly person who lives alone; prepare a Christmas meal for that neighbour who is trying to make ends meet; buy groceries for a family. We can all do something to give during Christmas and we all know someone who needs something this Christmas.

“Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!”

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