Where the birthing of the union is sustained

As I was prepping for my new post for the month, I came across my prayer list Bongani and i had drafted whilst we were still courting We drafted this a month after we met and it continued to grow. Going through it made me realise how faithful God was. I decided to share this with you so you are also encouraged to draw up your own personal prayer list.

Bongani and Temogo’s prayer items

1. Prayer of thanksgiving: 1Chro6v8-13; Deut8
· Thanking God for allowing our paths to meet and do life together.
· Grateful for His protection and guidance in this long distance relationship.
· Thanking Him for continually developing fruit of the Spirit in us, and striving for a pure relationship that is pleasing to the Lord. Song of Songs3v5
· Thankful for our families and Him joining the two families together.
· Grateful for good health, that we are able to travel as desired and use all our gifts and talents.
· For God to bless those who pray for us according to His will, may HE bless them abundantly.

2. Finances: Mal3v10-12; Isa45v2-3
· For God to provide all the finances we need to travel to see each other.
· Our wedding funds to overflow- lobola and wedding expenses.
· Our new home- To be able to finance the home we are going to live in when we are married.
· To be able to take care of ourselves; our children; purchase things cash and to be able to finance the church as well.

3. Temo: Isa49v1-3&8
· Pray for God’s favour, to get a job in the PR/communications industry or ministry and for me to use the gifts and talents in these environment.
· Pray when I move to Durban to already have a secured permanent job in Durban.
· Pray I am supportive to Bongani and his vision; to respect Bongani and bring out the best out of you while correcting with love when the need be. Prov31v12(a)
· To grow in writing and for this passion to make way for me.
· For God to give strength and His wisdom in how to execute the business desire He has given me for the company Black Apple Communications.
· Excel in school work and complete my final school work well.

4. Bongani: Eph5v25-32
· Pray for God to use Bongani mightily in his calling. Eph6v19
· For Bongani to prioritise his focus so he finishes what he starts at work and finishes excellent.
· For his visions and dreams to come to pass. All line of businesses that God wants him to be part of, may he know them and may that be possible.
· For him to allow God to use him in ministry maximise your full potential.
· To intentionally choose to love Buhle Temogo every day. Col3v19
· To be able to be the provider for the family.
· For his seed to be healthy and productive to bare children who are world changers.

5. Our ministry: Job42v12
· God to bless Temogo’s womb that when life needs to be conceived in my stomach, there will not be any complications.
· Pray for God to help us reveal our ministry, how our marriage will add to His Kingdom.
· For us to fulfil our visions and allow God to fuse them together to be one. A sound mind and support to each other.
· Pray that we get to influence those we need to influence and bless those we need to bless.
· Pray for lobola negotiations to be successful and not leave a bitter taste.
· For God to add 60years in our marriage life and not die prematurely.
· Pray for the legacy that we will be leaving for three more generations to come. Exo20v6
· Pray for us to guard our marriage. Song of songs2v15

6. Relationships: 1Pet4v8-9; Phil2v3-4

· Those in marriage, that divorce will not be an option and for them to know their purpose of their ministry in growing and multiplying the Kingdom of God:
o The Thebe’s;
o The Khumalo’s
o The Mthombeni’s (Mosidi&Mandla);
o Christie and her husband;
Modise and Tinyiko
Bhupe and Thuli
o Mondli and Thobani
o Khange and Lavani Nemakonde
· Those who are engaged and in a process of getting married, that nothing will separate them and all will work out for the good leading to their wedding day and a peaceful marriage:
o Mashudu and Tumi
o Leo and Ruth
o Bongani and Phumi
· Our siblings marriages, and for them to be in compatible Godly relationships.
· Single friends in our lives who desire to marry to wait on God for the Godly companion and to do God’s things while single. For those in relationships to be in clean relationships that’s pleasing to God.
· MamaGem to be happy, whether it’s her finding someone to make her laugh or just enjoying life in God alone.
· Bab Zondi to go through the healing and restoration process, and to be able to enjoy life and make the best of it in the Lord.

Bongani and Temo’s wedding prayer items
7. People:
· Our guests to have our best interest at heart in this process and be available to witness the start of a Godly union.
· Family and friends to be supportive and in line with what we desire, no clashes and fights.
· No loss of lives for every single person who needs to be there; God’s protection as people travel back and forth.
· Parents and siblings to be available physically and in joy on both wedding days as they witness two families being joined by this Godly union.
· Pastor Fiona to be in good health and available to wed us.

8. Wedding checklist: Eph3v20; Heb11v1-2;Mark11v23-24
· Claiming the dates: 14st March (Durban) and 7th March (Jozi)
· Favourable weather- hot with no rain. Clear blue skies.
· Have the two weddings we desire to have (White wedding in durbs & traditional wedding in Johannesburg).
· Outfits: Desired dress and desired tux to be afforded financially and be available.
· To have desired rings that we will both love.
· Bridal party and the groomsmen to be helpful and available in whichever way we need them to be.
· Flowers for centrepieces to be in season and available, including everything needed to complete the centrepieces.
· Venues to be accommodative for our guests-200 guests.
· Décor to be tidily done and beautiful.
· Food to be good; enough for everyone; tasty and nutritious as us and the guests indulge.
· Sound to be clear, with no fuzzy feedback and have all the relevant songs as its an old school music genre.
· Photographer and videographer to be excellent in their job and be available.
· Jazz band to be available.
· The whole wedding celebrations to represent us as individuals; our love for God and our love journey.
NB: All smallest details (hair and make-up; shoes) to the biggest details (honeymoon; new home) for God to show up in all of this. That we will not be overwhelmed and anxious but trust God to see us through with no doubt in heart that He will not meet our needs.

9. Our children
· They come at their appointed time.
· For God to meet our desires with entrusting us with four children.
· They are delivered healthy with no complications.
· They must love and serve God from the womb and never stray from the love of God.
· God must teach us how to raise them.

10. Our Home
· For our home to be a place where people can be connected to God.
· Furnishing of our home to be stress free.
· A favourable deal on rental and future purchases.

“Everything that is birthed through prayer, will be sustained by prayer.”

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