Why ignore the details part 1

Months back I went through one of the toughest week for me as I went on a media fast (It’s easier for me to fast food, but media is something else.) I had been putting it on hold for quite some time, but I knew it had to happen the moment my husband was chatting to me and I would be on Twitter reading on current news. It was as though media was my god and it was ruling my life. I would watch three hours of reality shows on YouTube without moving from the couch. So, it finally happened, and if you have been on a fast, you know the first days/week might be the hardest, but as your flesh starves for what it loves most, your spirit is being filled. Your fleshy senses phase out and you are more sensitive to what you see or hear and so forth.

One thing I love about fasting is as you spend time in God’s word and prayer, your spirit gets sensitive. You not only know what is right or wrong, but are able to choose what is right. The more you draw closer to God, He is also drawing to you and as your spirit is being revived, suddenly your flesh is also being renewed. It’s the inward-outward work.

My media fast included social networks; radio; TV; series and movies. I don’t know about you but I am aware it is possible for media to become god in our lives. We prioritise it so much and give God the crumbs of our time. I can tell you that more than once I have woken up and Instagram was the first thing I checked before I even took the time to talk to God. Media was taking over my life and I had to remind myself who is God in my life and overcome this stronghold.

Few days after my fast, I watched the movie Exodus. Do know that Exodus is one of my favourite bible books. The way God is so detailed in his instructions makes me realise how God is very detailed about our lives. I thought the movie was a good choice but before it ended, I was already disappointed. It was easy to avoid being disappointed and tell myself the director was just being creative, but his creativity offended me because it took some of the details out, details that are significant to me. As much as 80% of the movie might have had the details, changing 20% of the details from the book automatically becomes deception.

Here are some of my disappointments from the movie:

Moses, the most humble man ever lived:

Moses was a humble man, but then again, Moses wrote this about himself. It reminds me of the disciple whom Jesus loved, and it is John, but John wrote this about himself too. Jn21v20-21. To others, it may seem a bit arrogant to think of yourself as the meekest and be the very person who records it, but let us remember the people who wrote the books in the bible were all inspired by God to write down all the details they were instructed to write. “God wanted us to know this fact, therefore He inspired Moses to record it.” Apologetics Press

In the movie we see a very defensive Moses shouting and arguing with God in a disturbing way. God is pure, He is Holy and He is The God. No other name is compared to His. Most men and women in bible respect God in a remarkable way. When you know who God really is, and have the revelation of who He is in your life, you will never strip off His holiness by talking to Him like you are talking to a thing. The director of the movie simplified Moses character and took one of the distinguishing factor that made Moses who he was.


Moses sees God’s face in every conversation:

The book Exodus says Moses spoke to God face to face Exodus 33v11 and, Exodus 33v18-23 we read God saying to Moses he cannot see His face. The educated can argue the two points and conclude the scriptures contradict one another. It may look like they do contradict but that’s not the truth. I have made statements such as “I have seen God in my life.” But that did not mean I have physically seen God. What I meant was God spoke clear in my circumstances; through someone; through His word and so forth. In Moses instance, He spoke to Moses through the burning bush; a pillar of cloud; and He spoke to Him just as a man speaks with his friend. However, in the movie, we see “God” physically talking to Moses. Those are not the recordings of the bible. The other part that disturbed me in the movie was that of God portrayed as a boy. Don’t misunderstand me here, I do believe God comes to us in ways that we will best understand Him and recognise Him. He meets us where we are, but let us not make Him who He wasn’t to Moses especially when the details are recorded and are not missing.

Escape through the red sea:

I get the fact that Moses staff is changed to a modern day sword, my issue with this event in the movie is the Israelites are walking in ankle deep water. The bible specifically states the sea was divided into two and they walked on dry land. Not ankle deep water, not muddy, but dry land. If that was not important to God, it would have not been recorded like that or it would have been left out.

Some of you might think when did I get so religious, it has nothing to do with that (I don’t do religion myself). I just refuse to conform to the worldly standard in their view to how these events that are significant to me took place simply because they partially believe them. God is the best creator and His ideas are forever magnificent! As much as Jesus is relevant, He will not compromise the truth and add few spices in it so we are comfortable to receive it. That will be deception and Jesus is not the one to deceive.

Why take the details out? One of the characters I know about God is He is very detailed. He does not just do but pays attention to all He does. Ps 139v13-14 says “For it was You who created my inwards parts, You knit me together in my mother’s womb. I will praise You, because I have been remarkably and wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful and I know this very well.” Think about your inward parts for a few seconds, where your heart is placed, your livers, your intestines. All of those God placed them so detailed so they can function accordingly. It was not by coincidence. The details in the bible are not a coincidence, they are not just words to fill up the book, they are there for a reason. So why ignore the details?

“Moses sees God’s face in every conversation.”

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